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The SAU 53 District and High School

The Deerfield School District serves the roughly 750 students in grades K-12 who live in Deerfield, New Hampshire. It it is part of SAU 53, along with the school districts for the neighboring towns of Allenstown, Chichester, Epsom, and Pembroke. Students in the Deerfield School District attend Deerfield Community School, built in 1993, for their K-5 and middle-school education (grades 6-8).

For high school education, the DCS students continue on to Concord High School (CHS). Daily bus transportation to and from CHS is provided by the district.


The SAU 53 District

The School Administrative Unit 53 consists of nine schools providing pre-K through grade 12 educational experiences for approximately 3,100 students. While Pembroke Academy serves as the high school experience for students from the communities of Allenstown, Chichester, Epsom and Pembroke. The majority of Deerfield students attend Concord High School.

All our schools embrace the vision of 21st-century learning with the integration of technology at the forefront of what we do with our students each day.

Concord High School

Most Deerfield students will attend Concord High School upon graduating Deerfield Community School. This arrangement has been in place since 2003. As its vision states below, this top-rated school for grades 9-12 provides a comprehensive educational experience plus plenty of extracurricular opportunities and a robust athletic program for its students.

Our vision is that all Concord students develop a passion for learning, experience excellence in their lives and believe that they have the ability to shape the future of their lives and communities.

Deerfield Community School
66 North Road
Deerfield, NH 03037

Main Office: (603) 463-7422

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