How to Order Lunch for Your Student

Lunch orders are taken from each classroom every day. Your student can choose what they would like using the menu provided.

Late Lunch Orders

Your student can let the office or home room teacher know what they would like to eat for the day and the information will be passed to the kitchen.

Food Prices

Breakfast – $1.50

Reduced/Free: $0

Lunch Milk – $.50

Lunch (includes milk) – $2.60

Reduced: $.40

Free and Reduced Lunches

Families may apply for Free or Reduced Lunch Benefits at any time during the year. FAQs and an income guideline chart as well as an application are available at the main office.

Vending Machine

**Due to Covid, our vending machine will not be available at this time.**

Our school has one vending machine located

in the lobby. It accepts cash, and change can

be made for $1, $5, and even $10 bills (change

is returned in dollar coins).

The vending machine is also set up so that student lunch accounts may be used to make purchases. Pin numbers will be assigned to any student with parental permission. This is extremely useful when your child stays after school for extracurricular activities and no one is available in the kitchen for snacks.

Students must have permission to use the vending machine. Please fill out the vending machine permission slip below and return it to the main office.

Vending Machine Permission Slip

How to Pay for Lunch

Payments can be made in cash or by check. Please make checks out to “Deerfield Community School” and remember to include your child’s name on the check!

We also have an online payment system.

First, create an account for your child, then you can add funds. When your child gets hot lunch, the amount will automatically be deducted from the account.

K12 Payments Online System: