The DCS Girls’ Soccer team this year had a fantastic season. The girls won 4 games, tied 2 and lost 6, scoring 20 goals in all!
This was a major improvement from last year, where we didn’t win any games and scored a total of 2 goals. Our goal scorers were Ne- vaeh (6th grade) with 6 goals, Maddie (6th grade) with 5 goals, Kylie (8th grade and a captain) with 4 goals, Megan (8th and a captain) with 4 goals, and Josi (7th grade) with 1 goal.

This year we had so much fun and grew as a team and as players. Every game, we all went out and tried our hardest and didn’t give up; we were in it to win it! Everyone did a great job and we learned how to pass and make plays. This helped us win some games. We had an amazing defense with Julia and Lilly playing centrally. They stopped the ball and would send it to our midfielders, who ran up and passed to our offensive players who would then go up and take shots.

One amazing thing this year was that we were undefeated for our last 6 games! Once we all started playing as a team, there was no stopping us! The whole team got better as the season went on. The most improvement came from our goalie, Savanna, who started off afraid of the ball and ended by blocking almost every single shot. We were all bummed we didn’t make playoffs, but we had an amazing season!

~Kyle Harrison and Megan Gamache

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