Mr. Ferguson fifth grade class just finished learning and writing about the French and Indian War, with a particular focus on George Washington’s role in this conflict.  The students are now busy rehearsing a play about Colonial America that will be performed for family and friends later in the month. The play includes many wonderful historical figures such as John Adams, Paul Revere, Captain John Parker and Private Hugh White, just to name a few. 

Our math lessons have included adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. We have also begun learning how to multiply and divide fractions.

In addition to our daily time reading, writing and doing word study, the students have enjoyed performing tableaus related to our read aloud book Shiloh, by Phillis Reynolds Naylor.  A tableau is when a group of motionless actors represent a scene from a story.  In our case, a few students at a time are given a scene from the book Shiloh that they represent without moving or sound, while the rest of the students guess the scene. 

It was fun to have Mr. Grieve visit our class throughout the week. We enjoyed sharing all our learning with him.

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