Biography Night

The 4th graders transformed into their favorite present or past famous person who gave/gives back to society. There were presidents, inventors, entrepreneurs,  athletes, and influential woman, just to name a few. They did a great job stepping into their roles!


The DCS PTO, F.O.C.U.S., and the Philbrick James Library have collaborated to bring the award-winning Screenagers film to DCS on Tuesday, March 31, at 6:30pm. This important film probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and depicts messy struggles over social media, video games and academics. The film offers solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world.

A Visit from the Revolutionary Past

How much do you really know about Paul Revere? Sure, you know about his famous ride from the poem written by Henry W. Longfellow, but what about “The Man Behind the Myth”? That was the topic of discussion when Emily from the Paul Revere House in Boston came to DCS to visit each of the four 5th grade classrooms on Wednesday, February 19th.

Emily piqued the  students’ interest with some pictures and stories of Paul’s life. The students then had the opportunity to look at primary sources from Paul’s adventures, scrutinizing them in smaller groups. These sources included advertisements, letters and excerpts from his accounting logs. Emily then gave small groups of students a reproduced artifact from Revere’s life – a toothbrush, writing implements, saddlebags, a silver cup and more. Students connected these artifacts to the primary sources and formulated a complete and more rounded picture of this famous man’s life.Students learned that there was a lot more to Paul Revere than that one midnight ride.

Thank you, Emily, for your wonderful visit! You helped make this famous man come alive for us.

Preschool Registration and Open House Information

Preschool registration will be taking place starting March 18th and running through March 25th. There will be a registration form available in the main office or on the preschool classroom website as of the first week in March. On the preschool website, you will find all registration and general preschool information.

Preschool open house will be taking place on Wednesday, March 18th from 3-4pm. This open house is available for new families who have not had a child enrolled in our program.

Any questions, please call Amy Crawn, 463-7422, ext. 103 or email at

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