School Board Announcement

The Deerfield School Board is forming a committee to study various options for providing secondary education to our high-school students. Our contract with the Concord School District is ending in a couple of years, and this committee will provide input to the Deerfield School Board as the Board decides what proposal to bring to the town’s voters for next steps.

The committee will consist of a range of community members, potentially including future and current parents of students as well as community members who do not have children currently in the school district. The general scope of work will include generating a list of potential secondary school options for our students and then collecting information on the schools to report back to the Board. The committee will develop a picture of candidate schools in terms of their academic offerings, quality of program, tuition, and other metrics to be determined by the committee and the Board. The Board will then weigh this information as it determines a course of action.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact school board member Nate Oxnard ([email protected]). You will be asked to respond to a couple of questions so that we can get a sense of your strengths as we strive to assemble a diverse and representative committee.

Outdoor Classroom Work Day!

(Last one for fall!)

Saturday, Oct. 10th 9am-1pm

  • Feel free to come for an hour or the morning! Drop in when you have time!
  • Children are welcome and encouraged to participate
  • We will be focusing on the two new Middle School Classrooms
  • You can park in the parking lot at the top DCS soccer field near these classrooms
  • Tools: Metal rakes, tree saws, pruning shears, shovels, long handled loppers

You may contact Cindy Hanson with any questions: [email protected]

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