The science curriculum at DCS is focused on inquiry-based experiential learning.  Students from K-8 practice asking questions, developing models and carrying out investigations; working like scientists through the analysis of cross-cutting concepts like patterns, cause and effect and systems, and system models. “Cross-cutting concepts help students explore connections across the four domains of science: physical science, life science, Earth and space science, and engineering design.”  DCS science competencies are aligned with the New Hampshire Department of Education K-12 Science Frameworks and Next Generation Science Standards.

The science programs at DCS strive to provide students with authentic experiences by incorporating the environment in a meaningful, inquiry-based format aligned with the NGSS framework. Teaching using environmental themes and affording opportunities for field investigations are ways to engage students in learning how natural systems work and how they are interconnected.  Hands-on, inquiry-based learning leads students through a process of personal discovery toward understanding.


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