The Mathematics Program at Deerfield Community School strives to engage, challenge and support all learners. Our well-balanced program focuses on building crucial foundational skills, while also engaging our students in critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving. It is our aim to create mathematically literate individuals who not only have the necessary basic skills, but also exhibit the high-quality Habits of Learning: self-direction, reflection, collaboration, and creativity. The ability to successfully communicate mathematically is at the forefront of our instruction and learning. Mathematical communication, including verbal and written communication, using mathematical models and symbols, is practiced and refined. It is our aim to prepare our learners with the skills and knowledge they will need as they continue to grow and learn. We strive to help our students have an appreciation for mathematics and its application to the world in which they live.

Our students are also encouraged, in large part through the use of our primary resource, Eureka Math in grades K-5 and Big Ideas Math in grades 6-8 to practice “grit” or perseverance, particularly when engaging in complex problem-solving.


Contact Information

Department Contact Information

Kindergarten through Third Grade:

Mrs. Jaimy Audley [email protected] (603) 463-7422 x126

Fourth through Eighth Grade

Ms. Samantha Corwin [email protected] (603) 463-7422 x220

For further detailed information and resources specific to each grade level, visit our DCS Math Page.

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