Special Education

Special Education at DCS

Welcome to the home of the Deerfield Community School Special Education Department. Our goal is to provide a continuum of high-quality special education support services to our students with identified special education needs in grades Pre-K through 8th.

The teachers at Deerfield Community School utilize a variety of instructional strategies and methods to help their students achieve. In some instances, teachers or parents may have concerns about a child’s academic progress to the extent that they question whether the child needs support beyond the regular classroom or other available interventions. In these cases, teachers and parents work in conjunction with the special education personnel to assess the extent of a child’s difficulty and to determine if the child qualifies for special education support services.

The DCS special education staff has expertise in the areas of speech and language development, motor development, and learning issues that may interfere with a child’s ability to learn skills in the areas of reading, writing, or mathematics. The extent of assistance received is determined by the individual needs of the student.

Our Educational Philosophy

The philosophy of DCS is that all students have a right to be educated with their peers. Accordingly, whenever appropriate and to the greatest extent possible, students with special education needs are included with their peers in their regular classrooms.

Parents with questions, or who have special concerns about their child, should contact their child’s teacher to arrange a time to discuss these concerns and to determine if a referral to special education would be appropriate.