Music in itself is essential. It is one of the most important manifestations of our cultural heritage. It provides a powerful form or expression for the human spirit that enriches everyone’s lives. Music provides an outlet for individuality, uniqueness, creativity, self-expression and self-worth. It is our way to express our deepest and truest thoughts and feelings. Music teaches children about their relationship with the world, culture and others in their community. Thus our curriculum is designed to support the strong values of musical appreciation, literacy and play. Music provides an avenue where everyone can contribute and express him or herself. The main purpose of music is to give students the opportunity to experience meaningful musical moments that they create. Students channel their energy positively, creating performances and music in traditional and non-traditional settings.

In music class, students will stretch their potential. Each child’s voice has value and strength. We work towards equipping children with the necessary tools to become, in Dr. John Feierabend’s words, “tuneful, beautiful, artful” human beings; thus empowering them to become empathetic, cooperative members of society, working and living with dignity. These concepts and skills will help guide children in acting with compassion and kindness.

Performing Ensembles

Students in the older grades may deepen their musical experiences through a variety of specialized classes and clubs.

  • Beginning Band (Grade 4) meets twice a week during school hours. Once by class, for group lessons with other woodwinds or brass, and once with full 4th-grade band.
  • Intermediate Band (Grades 5 & 6) meets twice a week during school hours. Students will meet once for small group work and once with full grade band.
  • Advanced Band (Grades 7 & 8)meets twice a week during school hours. There are no scheduled times for group lessons. However, students may come after school or during a lunch for extra help when needed.
  • Chorus (Grades 7 & 8 or Grades 5 & 6) meets twice a week during school hours.
  • Spring Musical takes place after school with rehearsals scheduled as needed. Auditions begin in late January with a performance in April or May.

Performance Opportunities May include…

  • Deerfield Fair Opening Ceremonies Field Trip
  • Concord High School 8th Grade Band Night
  • NHBDA Honors Band Festival
  • Veterans Day Assembly
  • UNH Hockey Game Fundraiser
  • Winter Concert
  • Artist in Residence Sharing
  • Spring Concert
  • Fisher Cats National Anthem
  • NHMEA Music Festival
  • MS Mount Washington Cruise