About Alma Start

What is Alma Start?

ALMA Start is a paperless system for submitting official school forms and submitting changes for your school’s ALMA Student Information System. It is a secure system that schools can use for updating student information, like contact information, parent contact information, permission forms for the internet, medications, and more. It is another ALMA account but in order to function it integrates with the Alma Parent Portal.

ALMA Start is valuable for keeping accurate information, and contact information for the student and parents. Handwritten forms can be difficult to type into a database, leaving room for errors. It also is challenging to manually keep on top of changes of email addresses, phone numbers or emergency contacts. This system allows parents/guardians to review this important information for better accuracy.

I need help with my Alma/Alma Start Account. Who do I get in touch with?

Contact the DCS office and someone will be able to help at 603.463.7422.