About DCS Athletics

The athletics department at Deerfield Community School is here to provide top-level, memorable sports experiences for our students, both as athletes and as part of the school community. All students are encouraged to participate regardless of their level of experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the athletic director.

Deerfield Athletics are the best!

Athletic Director

Chris Koufos


DCS Athletics
DCS Athletics
DCS Athletics
The Southeast Middle School Athletic League

The Southeast Middle School Athletic League

Deerfield is a part of the New Hampshire Southeast Middle School Athletic League, which is composed of schools from our surrounding towns. The league includes Barrington Middle School, Chichester Central School, Epsom Central School, Northwood School, Nottingham School, Strafford School, Three Rivers School in

Pembroke, and, of course, Deerfield Community School.

SE League Website