Technology Safety and Kids

One of our ever-present goals as educators, is to create a safe environment for your children. Technology presents another aspect to safety and we are constanly trying to keep ahead of whatever the internet may spew in our direction. We have firewalls, virus protection, security protocols, filters and software that all help us to keep ahead of problems created and spread on the internet.

One new development is that our state mandates a list of all the online software and sites that we use including how that company protects their users and why we use that software. That list is located at this link and updated as often as needed.

But these measures are only available at the school. At home, the best protection is you. I have listed some resources here to help. 

The latestt viral story has been about “The Momo Challenge”. It is now being revealed as a hoax. But it is suddenly everywhere. Momo Challenge Information.

My superfast rules are always:

  • Don’t put anything on the internet, email, phone or social media that you wouldn’t share with a grandparent.
  • If you are unsure about clicking on something, ask an adult.
  • If you are uncomfortable about something that you see online, tell a trusted adult immediately.
  • Keep your information private.
  • Don’t respond online to someone you don’t know in person.

Digital Safety Information