Technology is prevalent in all our lives and around our world.  Our children need to be prepared to compete in a global market, and follow their desired career dreams.  In order for this to happen, students need to solve complex problems, analyze data, create original projects, collaborate and communicate effectively.  Technology tools in addition to flexible and engaging educational programs at Deerfield Community School provide this opportunity for the children of Deerfield, NH.

Each student in grades 5-8 are provided with a chromebook in our 1:1 program.  In addition, chromebooks are available K-4 and easily accessed. Each classroom, in addition to the chromebooks, are also equipped with a group of desktop computers, smart boards, and projectors. Deerfield is a G Suite for education school (Google Apps for Education)  and technology is integrated across the curriculum where it is appropriate. Students also have digital enrichment opportunities in 3D printing, coding, robotics, Minecraft and MakerSpace.

Technology Coordinator

Brooke Petrucelli
M.Ed in Technology
[email protected]

Deerfield Community School
66 North Road
Deerfield, NH 03037
Main Office: (603) 463-7422
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