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Staff Directory

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Dept/ GradeNamePictureInformationEmailClass Website
Withee, KristenPrincipalkwithee
Grieve, Brian Assistant Principalbgrieve
Lafond, PatriciaOfficer Managerplafond
Davitt, KandyAdministrative Assistantkdavitt
Duffy, Kelly Receptionist, Office Assistantkduffy
McConnell. LisaSpecial Education Coordinatorlmcconnell
Crawn, AmySpecial Ed. Admin Ass'tacrawn
Boisvert, GregGuidancegboisvert
Swanson, HeatherGuidancehswanson
Stanley, Sherisstanley

Preschool Class Website 

Fortier, Elizabethefortier

Preschool Class Website

Luppi, Courtneycluppi
Maynard, Lindalmaynard

Mrs. Maynard's Class Website

McManus, Oliviaomcmanus

Mrs. McManus' Website 

1st Grade
Hanson, CindyAthletic Directorchanson
MacLaughlin, Amyamaclaughlin
Plater, Sarahsplater

Mrs. Plater's Class Website

Wilson, Samanthaswilson
2nd Grade
Przybylski, Amandaaprzyblyski
Samia, Rachelrsamia
Smith, Oliviaosmith

Ms. Smith's Class Website

3rd Grade
Nelson, Sherrisnelson

Ms. Nelson's Class Website

Ferdinand, Mattmferdinand

Mr. Ferdinand's Class Website

Audley, Jaimyjaudley

Mrs. Audley's Class Website 

4th Grade
Cook, BarbarabcookMrs. Cook's Class Website
Dalrymple, MarthamdalrympleMs. Dalrymple's Class Website
Laskowsky, Sueslaskowsky

Mrs. Laskowsky's Class Website

5th Grade
Ferguson, Mattmferguson
Potter, Sarahspotter

Mrs. Potter's Class Website

Maxfield, Lynseylmaxfield
Tatulis, Edithetatulis

Mrs. Tatulis' Class Website

6th Grade
Flanagan, StephanieHumanitiessflanagan
St. Germain, NickMathnstgermain

Mr. St. Germain's Site

Peasley, KiraSciencekpeasley
7th and 8th Grades
Clark, Anna Literacyaclark

Mrs. Clark's Class Website 

Dudley, RodMathrdudley

Mr. Dudley's Class Website

Fladd, John Social Studiesjfladd

Mr. Fladd's Website



Goodrich-Bundy, BreannaLiteracybgoodrich-bundy
Hughes, Kelley Sciencekhughes
Integrated Arts
Young, Russell Healthryoung
Dickey, JessArtjdickey
Chase, SarahArtschase
Gordon, Rosalyn World Languagergordon
Davis, MelissaMusicmdavis

Mrs. Davis' Class Website

Truong, MichaelMusicmtruong
Ruest, Mark Physical Educationmruest
Lance, JasminePhysical Educationjlance
Petrucelli, Brooke Technologybpetrucelli
Layton, Bob Technologyrlayton
Bourgeois, JulianeReading Specialistjbourgeois
Cook, HeidiMath Support / Title 1hcook
Martin, EricaMath Support / Title 1emartin
Davis, KristenK-3 Reading and Writing Specialist kdavis
McGovern, LizGrades 4-6 Reading and Writing Specialistemcgovern
Robert, MarianeEnglish for Speakers of Other Languagesmrobert
Mostue, Bethany Librarianbmostue

Library Media Center

Moore, PattyLibrary Aidepmoore
Related Services
Pawlik, StephenieSpeech-Language Pathologistspawlik
Dwyer, ElizabethSpecial Educator edwyer
Fitton, RobinSpeech-Language Pathologistrfitton
Johnson, SueSpeech-Language Pathologistsjohnson
Smith, JerricaSpecial Educator jerricasmith
Leuchter, Valerie Special Educator vleuchter

Mrs. Leuchter's Class Website

Drown, GabrielleSpecial Educator ghardekopf
Heiman, SallySpecial Educator sheiman
Hinman, LindseySpecial Educatorlhinman
Ouellette, AnnaOccupational Therapistaouellette
Flinton, Margaret Occupational Therapistmflinton
Food Services
Caron, PollyKitchen Staff
Nash, ReginaKitchen Staff
Franko, AlannaKitchen Staff
Gayhardt, JustineKitchen Staff
St. Onge, MaredithFood Service Directormstonge
Greenwood, Mike Director of Maintenance
Paille, PierreMaintenance Staff
Dery, William Maintenance Staff
Estes, LoriMaintenance Staff
Surrells, KarenMaintenance Staff
Support Staff
Andrikowich, LisaSupport Staff
Berry,KathySupport Staff
Boucher, LaurieSupport Staff
Bradley, CharlotteSupport Staff
Burgess, Elizabeth Support Staff
Carozza, MarieSupport Staff
Colpitts, MeridithSupport Staff
Coronati, KimSupport Staff
Hogan, Sheri-LynSupport Staffshogan
Defranzo, JaniceSupport Staff
Greenwood, JenniferSupport Staff
Jackson, Nichole Support Staffnjackson
Guadette, TerrySupport Staff
Kilham, PatriceSupport Staff
Kukla, JulieSupport Staff
Lacroix, DonnaSupport Staff
Laurencelle, PamSupport Staffplaurencelle
Linehan, MegSupport Staffmlinehan
Lopez, LoriSupport Staffllopez
Lundsted, LoriSupport Staffllundsted
Teas. JoannaSupport Staffjteas
Maimone, CynthiaSupport Staffcmaimone
Mikkelsen, Courtenay Support Staff
Nickels, BrandySupport Staff
O'Brien, JulieSupport Staffjobrien
O'Neal, CarolynSupport Staffconeal
Poole, CathySupport Staff
Ronayne, CarlieSupport Staffcronayne
Shaw, LueannSupport Staff
Shepard, LoriSupport Staff
Smith, MarthaSupport Staff
The staff at DCS strive to set high expectations based on each student’s abilities, foster imagination and creativity, and create a safe, respectful and cooperative school community. We will inspire each student to think, to learn, to achieve, to create and to care.
Deerfield Community School
66 North Road
Deerfield, NH 03037
Main Office: (603) 463-7422
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