The Board’s March 20th meeting opened with a presentation by DCS math specialists Heidi Cook and Erica Martin on data from recent math assessments. The analyses which they presented drew from STAR bench- mark assessments that spanned grades 1-5. Across the board, the recent math scores from our students have taken a positive turn according to Ms. Cook and Ms. Martin; the newest data indicates that recent instructional changes are having a positive impact on learning!

In a separate report, Principal Withee noted that the results of last year’s NELMS study have been providing guidance for middle-school teams, as they work on crafting their 3-year goals to further develop their model of competency-based education (CBE). Ms. Withee reported that additional work on these goals will be happening as our middle-school faculty attends a NELMS conference in their teams.

Upcoming Board meetings include April 3rd at DCS and April 10th at Three Rivers School in Pembroke.

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