Physical Education

The Deerfield Community School Physical Education Curriculum is based on the New Hampshire State Curriculum Guidelines. Every student in our school, from kindergarten through grade 8, should have the opportunity to participate in a planned, sequential program of curricula and instruction that helps them develop the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, self-management skills, and confidence needed to adopt and maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Quality physical education programs provide learning experiences that meet youngsters’ developmental needs.

An essential environment supports learners as they develop into participants in physical activity for a lifetime. It consists of much more than athletic ability. Teachers and students share the responsibility of creating a learning community where all will feel safe to take risks. In this community, children are encouraged to explore and expand their knowledge and abilities.  Children are immersed in a movement culture which includes expression, creativity, fitness development, well-being, and physical skills in social contexts that encourage cooperation, inclusion, empathy, risk-taking, and problem-solving.


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