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The Deerfield Community School is located in the heart of Deerfield, New Hampshire. The town of Deerfield, as well as many talented residents, offer the students and residents of Deerfield a variety of services, programs, and possibilities. Listed below are a few offerings and helpful resources:

The Deerfield Town Website

For events, town information, and event postings, please check the town’s website.

Deerfield Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation department of Deerfield runs a number of programs for the community including sports, community activities, after school program, and much more. Information about these programs can be found on The Parks and Recreation website.

After School Program

An after school program for Deerfield students is run by Parks and Recreation at the George B. White Building. Parks and Rec has an arrangement with DCS to bus students directly from the school to after school. If you are interested in finding out more about this program, please contact Parks and Recreation director, Nick Lawrence at [email protected].

Deerfield Community School
66 North Road
Deerfield, NH 03037

Main Office: (603) 463-7422

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