If you want to save the work that you have done from your Google Drive including the beautiful portfolios, you will need to download that information.  There are several ways this can be done.  You probably won’t need to save everything.    You can put all of these documents into a folder and it will download as a zipped file.  Individual files can also be downloaded and saved in several types of file formats such as in a Microsoft Office format or a PDF.   With a zipped folder, you can extract the files and save to a personal Google Account. 

Another way to do this is with Google Take Out. https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout.   This is a great way to easily download what you want.  But please note, it will not download Google Sites.

Google Sites Portfolio cannot be copied.  I will transfer ownership of the portfolio to myself and   I will keep the portfolios until I can transfer them to Concord High School.  If you are not going to Concord High School, you can contact me and I will try to transfer ownership to wherever you go.  I will keep this archived for a few years or until Google has a way to download the site.   If you need access to this site sooner, please publish and copy the URL of the site.

The drives will be deleted this summer so please save your information as soon as possible.  Please email me with any questions. [email protected]

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