Ms. Smith’s second grade was lucky enough to be chosen as the “Class of the Week” this Halloween week! Mrs. Withee joined us for morning announce- ments on Monday and Mr. Grieve popped in each day to be a part of our classroom community. We loved having Mr. Grieve join us for Morning Meeting on Monday as well! We shared about our weekends and tried out a new morning meeting activity that helped us focus and work as a team. We needed to listen to the Left and Right story while passing a ball to the left or right whenever we heard one of those words in the story.

Second graders are just beginning to learn about opinion writing. Mr. Grieve joined 2Sm for writing time last week as we learned about the differences between facts and opinions. We got to complete a fact and opinion sort and discuss what helped us know that our card had a fact or opinion written on it. Mr. Grieve also joined us for a special snack on Halloween and he even got to play with us at recess! Our status as “Class of the Week” came to a close after Mr. Grieve read us a favorite picture book and joined us for our goodbye circle on Friday afternoon.

Thanks for all the fun last week Mr. Grieve!

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