For the first week in November, Mrs. Tatulis’ 5th grade class was “The Class of the Week”. We were very busy despite the 4 day week (teacher conferences). Mrs. Withee gave the day’s announce-ments from our classroom and she stayed for our morning meeting routine. Mrs. Withee joined us on Wednesday for a read aloud of the picture book John, Paul, George & Ben. This book gave us a preview of 4 important historical figures that we will meet during the American Revolution.

Later in the week on Thursday, Mrs. Withee became involved in our simulation of colonizing the New World. She helped groups trade or attack for new land and to see if each group was able to produce more food than their colony consumed. A few students shared their diary entries with her and discussed our historical fiction book groups about the Salem Witch Trials.

Our class investigated whether or not air has weight as we tried to puzzle out what plants eat. We found out the a 2000 year old, 4 million pound sequoia tree “consumes” 3 million pounds of air and about 1 million pounds of water that it turns into plant material through photosynthesis. As the bottom of our food chain, plants are pretty important.

Ask any fifth grade student about long division, even with decimals. It takes practice, but we’ve got it under control.

Thanks for coming to visit on Friday for lunch and recess to end the week, Mrs. Withee.

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