Curriculum Committee

Each year, the school board considers updates to between two and four curriculum areas. The process of revitalizing an area of the curriculum is an elaborate one taken on by a group of teachers who organize as a curriculum committee and meet after school hours.

A curriculum committee’s goal is to comprehensively update and improve a specific education program (curriculum areas usually span kindergarten through 8th grade). This process may include (but is not limited to):

  • incorporating new, proven trends in education
  • ensuring continuity between grade levels
  • addressing new legal requirements
  • integrating new technology
  • assuring alignment of the local curriculum with the state-adopted Common Core

Once a curriculum committee has drafted a curriculum update, they present the draft for comprehensive review by a separate group of teachers and community members. When that group’s feedback has been considered and incorporated, the curriculum committee presents the updated curriculum proposal to the school board.

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