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Deerfield Community School is an award-winning school in NH SAU 53 welcoming students from pre-K through 8th grade.

DCS Dispatch 

Kiln for Sale!

Best reasonable offers considered! Skutt Electric Kiln  Model LT-3KThis kiln has been used in the DCS art department for about 20 years.  It is in working order, but may need some upgrades, including new venting system.  If interested, please contact Jess Dickey...

Media Center

Students in Ms. Maxfield’s 5th grade class have spent the past several weeks in the library preparing to Mystery Skype, a game where students Skype with another classroom to try and figure out what state they are located in. Students practiced generating questions, reasoning with answers, and applied their geography skills to determine our Mystery Skype class location. On Thursday we Skyped with a class and through a series of questions determined they were from Chicago, Illinois. Great work 5M!

Happenings in 8th grade from the Dudley/Lafond Advisory

The Social Activism Magnet has been working hard to be “a change in the world”. We are currently gathering food donations to benefit our local food pantry. We will continue to accept donations through November 16th, the day of the All School Meeting, and the class with the most donations will win a prize.
On Saturday, November 2nd, we held a car wash to raise money to help with the relief efforts for the rainforests suffering from fires and deforestation. Despite the chilly temperatures, we were able to raise $210.00! Thank you for your support!


If you are new to our school and community, WELCOME! Alma is our student information system and is one of the ways that we can communicate with you about your children. If you have not received a login message from Alma asking you to create your account, please email...


Veterans Day Assembly

The 7th graders did a fantastic job in organizing and decorating for the annual DCS Veterans Day breakfast and tribute. Thank you to all who helped and donated to make this a great event.

DCS Class of the Week – Nov. 11

Ms. Plater’s 1st grade class was honored to be the class of the week! Mr. Grieve joined us throughout the week for morning meeting, a math lesson, snack and recess. At morning meeting he was able to participate in one of our favorite games, called “Hide the Owl”. In this game a small owl is hidden in “plain sight” (so that he is visible without moving any objects). It took our class about 5 minutes to locate the owl and we had lots of fun looking for him. It was also interesting to see how different people in our class interpreted the clues about the owl’s location when they couldn’t find him. We were really excited on Wednesday to see Mr. Grieve arrive with a mystery package which turned out to be a special snack for our class! On Thursday, Mr. Grieve joined us during math time We were looking in our addition sentences for a group of ten to make adding easier. On Friday, at recess, Mr. Grieve played gaga ball with us. We had so much fun with him!

Meet our New DCS Teachers and Staff

This school year, DCS has several new faces in our building. We welcome our new teachers, staff and friends with open arms! Certified Staff Sally Heiman, Case Manager Grade 1Danielle Morris, Case Manager Grade 4/5Beth Mostue, Library Media SpecialistPat O'Brien,...

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